Meet Carmela and Chloe, 2013 Dog Pet Idols

By Michele M. Horaney

Look out! Lively Dapple Dachshunds Carmela and Chloe of San Francisco can easily steal your heart and they know exactly how to do it.

The charming 10-year-old sisters keep their pet parents, Jason and Michael, running, as they play in the house, go for walks, sunbathe, and go to the beach. The two also love a good nap.

Jason said both girls are very, very intelligent, and have learned the meaning of the phrase “do you want” as in “do you want to go to the beach,” or “have a treat” or “get a snack.”

“We have learned to very carefully use the word ‘want’ even in casual conversation,” Jason said. “We do a lot of spelling at times!”

Michael, who is of Italian heritage, named Carmela in honor of Carmela Soprano.  Jason chose the name Chloe in honor of a beloved babysitter he had as a child.  

Dapple Dachshunds are very sensitive to time, so the two are up with the sun most days. They play together through the day and enjoy going on what Jason called “a big outing” to a park or the beach in the middle of most days.  A good run outside checking burrows and holes satisfies their need to hunt for rodents, which is natural for dachshunds. After lots of exercise, they come home and burrow under a couch for a long nap. Then they’re up for one of those long-awaited snacks and then dinner with Jason and Michael.

At night, they have their own special routine, winding down and getting up on a special chair to relax and then get into bed.

Carmela has had a ruptured disk and so ramps have been installed in the multi-story family home and from the floor in one room to the cushions on a couch.

“It’s been so much fun to see Carmela and Chloe in the photos this year as Pet Idols,” Jason said. “When we go out, people recognize them, and since they’re both truly ‘people dogs,’ well, they love the attention.”


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