Veterinary Externship

The PAWS Veterinary Externship Program was established in 1998 to address the lack of training in the field of the human-animal bond in traditional veterinary medical education. In response to few opportunities for veterinary students to gain practical experience in issues involving the human-animal bond, a month-long veterinary internship program was established to provide firsthand experience in the context of a private, nonprofit organization such as PAWS.

PAWS Veterinary Externship Program is a 1-month externship at the PAWS San Francisco office. The objectives of this program are to educate future and current veterinarians about the significance of the human-animal bond, promote public health via education on the health benefits and risks of animal companionship, and provide experience with the operation of a community-based nonprofit organization.

In addition to engaging in an educational project at the PAWS office and participating in the Food Bank, students have opportunities to participate in hands-on work with PAWS at Ask the Vet Clinics, SPCA Vaccine Clinics, Vet SOS mobile veterinary services to homeless camps in San Francisco and Pets Unlimited, a nonprofit animal hospital and community partner of PAWS. In the past, externs have assisted with:

  • initiating a pilot study on the diversification of PAWS' client base
  • developing the PAWS Safe Pet Guidelines, which published and presented valuable information on the risks of zoonotic diseases to both the general public and health professionals
  • creating the Health Benefits of Companion Animals brochure which documents the top scientific health benefits research
  • creating vital pet care resources for clients

A stipend may be provided to cover travel and other miscellaneous expenses.  PAWS is not able to guarantee housing.

PAWS will not be hosting an externship program in 2015. For information about 2016 externships, please check back at the end of the year.

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