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One of the best ways to support PAWS is by volunteering.  Since 1987, PAWS has been helping its clients maintain their pets through the hard work and dedication of its volunteers.  Our base of over 500 volunteers is the heart and soul of PAWS.  Each year, volunteers contribute over 10,000 hours of time walking dogs, delivering pet food, taking animals to vet appointments, providing administrative support, and helping with fundraising events.  Join our team of volunteers by filling out an application and sending it to Volunteer Services.

All volunteer opportunities are in San Francisco.  The minimum age for most opportunities is 18, given that our opportunities involve visiting clients' homes unsupervised.  However, if a parent is a registered PAWS volunteer and wants to volunteer in conjunction with a child, that can be arranged.  We have several teams of families who walk dogs or deliver food together.  Youth volunteers aged 15 - 17, can still help out at our Pet Food Bank or in the office.   

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