Announcement from the Board of Directors of PAWS -
New Interim Executive Director

The Board of Directors of PAWS is pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Cramer as PAWS Interim Executive Director.  On May 20, Sarah was promoted from her previous position as PAWS Development and Marketing Director. 

Sarah brings over 5 years of nonprofit development and volunteer management to her current role and we are excited about the leadership, work ethic, and positive attitude that she brings to PAWS, as well as her deep love of animals and respect for the human-animal bond. Sarah spent 2 years volunteering with the kitten foster and cat fospice programs at the SF SPCA before adopting her beloved rescue pup, Ellie, from Berkeley Humane Society.  Since she joined PAWS in Fall 2014, she has been an exceptional ambassador for the organization, forming strong bonds within the PAWS community and raising our profile in the Bay Area. In her new role, she will continue to work with our current PAWS staff in delivering our much needed support services to our 600+ clients and their over 800 companion animals. 

We thank our former Executive Director, Aaron Chandler, for his service at PAWS and wish him the best as he pursues other opportunities.

As a board, our role is to ensure that PAWS fulfills its mission, stewards the dollars that our community so generously provides, and treats our donors, volunteers and clients with the respect they deserve. With new leadership in place, we feel PAWS is in a stronger position to achieve its goals, and can renew and strengthen the relationships we have with all of our community members. 

We are excited to move onwards together at our 20th Anniversary of Petchitecture on June 11th. We hope many of you will join us there for a wonderful celebration of PAWS' past, present, and future.

Scott Jacobs, Chairman of the Board
John Sell, Vice Chairman
Kristin Heller, Treasurer
Tyson Bell, Secretary
Robert Lee, Member
Thomas Steele, Member


  Photos courtesy Mark Rogers Photography

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3170 23rd St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415.979.9550 | Fax: 415.979.9269

Pets Are Wonderful Support

3170 23rd St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415.979.9550 | Fax: 415.979.9269

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